Yoga Fundraiser Lusaka Zambia 2016

Supporting Habitat for Humanity Zambia

We are extending an offering of a free yoga class customized for you and your friends. Our offering is to share the healing transformative practice that nourishes, supports and makes a positive difference in our lives and the lives of others.

Why are we offering this? We are reaching out to like minded people in our community who have a passion for change and a desire to make a positive impact in our global community.

How can we do this with Yoga? Yoga proceeds from the knowledge that all life is interconnected and it is an approach to life that values creating balance, peace, good health and harmony with all creation. It brings people together and extends the benefits off our yoga mats and out into our global community.

How are we helping the global community? We are working in collaboration with Habitat for Humanity Zambia, who are supporting our efforts and they will be available at your event to talk about their work. In exchange we would graciously accept donations from participants to join in the classes. There will be no fee to you for the yoga teachings and 100% of the proceeds will benefit the work of Habitat Zambia.

Read more about us and how we can work with you to treat yourself to your own special yoga event. Together we can inspire change in the world one yoga class at a time.

This is a limited time offer that is available from May 5-13, 2016. Please contact us as soon as possible so we can work with you to plan your own special yoga event. We will also help you to promote your event by creating an event page on FaceBook and provide posters for you to spread the word.

Step 1: Choose how long you’d like the event to be

Step 2: Choose your location for the event

Step 3: Determine the number of guests

Step 4: Email us to schedule your Yoga Event