A playful dynamic practice that combines meditation, breath work and movement. Postures and transitions are guided by the breath with an inhalation or an exhalation synchronizing and linking together to move seamlessly and gracefully from one pose to the next. The practice helps to develop strength, flexibility, mobility, stability, increased endurance, and a relaxed sate of mind.

A gentle therapeutic practice that teaches nurturing poses with the use of props to provide a completely supportive environment for total relaxation. The practice helps to restore the nervous system and promote deep relaxation through breathing, which helps to activates the body’s healing process. Designed to be adapted and adjusted to the student’s needs and physical abilities. Suitable for anyone dealing with illness injury or stress.

A gentle form of yoga that fosters student choice, empowerment, and self care. Providing a relaxed, safe and accepting environment, many options are given for the student to work with mindful awareness and deciding what best suites their body, thereby cultivating self awareness and self regulation. There are no physical assists and students set their own threshold, lettings their own inner perceptions be their guide. A practice that helps to relieve tension and promote calm.

A form of yoga that is practiced using a chair as a prop for support. Can be done sitting and standing, can be gentle and challenging! The practice is great for people looking to start slowly, or who may have limited mobility, or anyone who would just feel more confident in starting out this way instead of on a mat on the floor. A practice where you can enjoy all the benefits of traditional yoga while being comfortably supported by a chair. Designed to make yoga accessible to everyone to enjoy a safe practice to develop balance and stability while improving strength and flexibility.

With a gradual step by step process over 8 weeks we will build from the ground up to gain a solid foundation on fundamental movement principles of yoga to carry us forward into a safe and enjoyable practice that will serve us for the rest of our lives. Though enquiries, breath work, refinement of alignment, movement sequences, body awareness, and modifications to suit the individual, we can experience how yoga can impact our life in a positive way. Be prepared for the possibilities of transformation. No yoga experience required.

“Kathryn’s course for beginners was so informative and the pace at which the movements and information were covered and explained helped me learn a lot in a very safe and supportive environment”.