Born in Zambia, raised in Saskatchewan, explored life in The Northwest Territories and now thriving in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. What I have to offer my students is a sincere interest in the well being of others and a desire to share the joy and benefits of the transformative practice that nourishes, supports and makes a positive difference in our lives and the lives of others.

My Yoga Journey

I was instantly captivated by yoga the first time I saw it being practiced by a woman on TV doing an asana sequence. I thought how much fun it looked to move the body in so many creative ways.  But what really intrigued me was her sense of presence that exuded an inside-out quality of grace. She had an inner glow about her.

After the first time I practiced on the mat something shifted inside me and I felt more at peace and comfortable with myself.  I felt that inner glow! I instantly knew Yoga would forever be a part of my life.

At that time living in the far reaches of northern Canada, yoga teachers were as few and far between as the next community over the stunning vast northern barren land, so my study of yoga was self-taught through videos and books.

25 years later, to my great fortune, a yoga studio opened up in town.  Taiga Yoga and Therapy Centre, owner and senior yoga teacher Judy McNicol offered the highest quality teachings. My love of yoga was nourished and encouraged and it led me on a journey of deeper inquiry to learn about other paths of Yoga and eventually a desire to teach. With a solid base of the finest teachings, I was mentored and given my first opportunity to teach in that little oasis of a studio for which I will be forever grateful.   

In 2009 I obtained my first teaching certification and in 2012 completed an advanced yoga studies certificate.  I continually upgrade my yoga education to enhance my own personal practice and to further develop my teaching skills.

I offer a variety of yoga styles including Vinyasa Flow, Restorative, Chair, and Trauma-Informed Yoga. Regardless of the style that is being practiced there will always be the qualities of embodied self-awareness and self-compassion. We anchor our awareness to the breath and to the sensations in our bodies, creating a mindful moving meditation. 

My teachings will encourage you to have fun, to be curious, explore and listen to your own inner wisdom.  We will create a practice that works with your abilities and make it something that you look forward to.  I will also challenge you to find new ways to refine and continue to grow! I will be your guide in a safe and supportive environment as you develop your skills and independence to adapt the practice so that it supports your well being and serves your lifelong evolving Yoga practice. 

I invite you to join me on this exploration of Yoga Living, Breath by Breath, Moment by Moment.