Volunteering with Yoga Outreach

Sharing the practice of yoga with others has given me more back than I could have imagined

In 2010 I relocated from Yellowknife, NT to Vancouver, BC and wanted to find a way to integrate myself into the West Coast community through volunteering. To my great fortune I found Yoga Outreach and admired the service work they provide to help others through the practice of yoga. After completing their Core Training I was accepted as a volunteer to teach trauma-informed and strength focused classes for individuals who may be facing multiple barriers in their lives.

The support, training and opportunities provided to me by Yoga Outreach to teach in a variety of service setting has greatly enhanced my teachings skills, expanded my knowledge and my world. Giving back in a way that I can share something of myself and make connections with so many wonderful people has been a profoundly positive experience for me which I am very thankful for.

Yoga Outreach “Our mission is to expand access to trauma-informed yoga programs to heal and connect communities

For more information on Yoga Outreach’s work within the community visit http://yogaoutreach.com

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“The world doesn’t really need more people who can bend their bodies into amazing positions. What it needs are kinder, more compassionate generous people”

~ Donna Farhi ~