Kathryn Turnbull

My teaching has been influenced by the playful style of Vinyasa Flow Yoga. The integration of moving purposely and gracefully with the body, breath and mind connected. Combining strength and softness, fluidly moving from one pose to another.

Yoga has made my life bigger and brighter and I want to share that light with you. I have been practicing since the mid 80’s and teaching since 2009 and I am excited about sharing the beautiful practice with you.

I often wonder why doesn’t everybody do yoga?

Yoga is a way of life and has the power to transform your body and mind. It is a practice that is adaptable to everyone with no age limits. It gives us a quality of ease of movement, flexibility, strength, power and balance into the body and of course enhanced vitality and a calmer mind. And your body looks forward to it simply because it is fun to do and it just makes you feel better.

Yoga Living, Breath by Breath.

What you can expect from my class is a safe environment for learning that focuses on what is right about the postures and bringing you to a place of independence to explore and discover the many different tools that yoga has to offer us to have a fuller healthier life. Recognizing that each individual is unique, I adapt the practice to the many different levels and physical abilities that may arrive.

I offer a balanced and complete well rounded practice by combining movement, breath and meditation. Designed for you with an element of fun, creativity, and beautiful music.