I have introduced a few friends to her class and we all agree she is a fantastic yoga instructor. Of all the yoga classes that I have attended, I have benefited the most from Kathryn’s classes. Her outstanding ability to explain poses and detail explanation about subtle physical sensation are extremely helpful. She makes it very easy to not just learn but also understand poses. Her personal commitment and dedication to yoga practice definitely show through in her teaching. It’s always a joy to be in her class.
Francis Lim, Vancouver.

As one yoga couple remarks, “We have been attending Kathryn’s Vinyasa classes for months after having practiced without a teacher for many years.  It feels as though we have fallen into the lap of an angel.  Our asanas are more solid, centered and relaxed due to her simple, but very effective, instruction.  To watch her move into and out of her poses is a joy in itself, the essence of grace.  A wonderful teacher.”-David and Janet Dowis

We feel fortunate to have the opportunity to practice yoga, with you as our instructor.  It’s a great way to start our day and we enjoy the good things it does for our bodies and minds. Thanks for being patient with us and for taking the time to make sure we are  getting the most out of the postures. –Marc and Jean Pickard

Kathryn consistently leads organized, focused practices.   Her warm personality and excellent communication skills make yoga a pleasure. I have found her class an effective counterpoint to other activities such as cycling and swimming. –Len B

My wife, Mahnaz, and I really enjoyed attending her classes at Round House Community Centre. She is a top notch Yoga Teacher.

I loved Katie’s Beginner Vinyasa yoga class – I always felt taller and very refreshed after doing Katies class. (I’m 5’1″) She really get’s you into the poses with ease and gentleness. My posture is so improved from taking Katie’s class – shoulder and neck pain doesn’t keep me awake anymore. TRY IT YOU WILL LOVE IT.
-Raeona Pound

As a beginner yogi and having some cronic shoulder pain, I was worried that I wouldn’t fully benefit from Katie’s Beginner Vinyasa Course. How wrong was I ! Katie’s knowledge and excellent instructional ability in suggesting slight adjustments to my poses to ensure my comfort resulting in increasing gain to the yoga experience far surpassed my expectations. –Nefertiti Lang

When taking Katie’s Saturday morning class my body and mind felt so refreshed after the session. Her techniques of teaching the class were awesome, you can sense how caring her Yoga classes are to her yogi’s. I am a very self-conscious person and how she presented the classes made me feel at ease. I have taken other yoga class previously and Katie ‘s class was the BEST so far. I am still doing yoga at home. –Doreen Theriault-Murray