Karma Yoga Fundraiser in Zambia Jun 2015

img_4017 img_3474 img_3201 img_4061 img_3443_2 img_3454 img_3461_2 img_1480 img_3476 img_3203 img_3994 img_4016June 20, 2015, A Day of Celebration

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Yogi’s coming together and generating positive energy, thoughts and actions by practicing Karma Yoga, the path of selfless service to benefit the community of Lusaka, Zambia. Their kindness and generosity helped to raise 10,000ZMK to support the work of Habitat for Humanity Zambia.

And we accomplished this together by giving ourselves the gift of Yoga. The gift that connects us to ourselves, to others, to nature. The gift that touches every aspect of our lives in a positive way and brings out our full potential so that we may better ourselves and our community.

A perfect day started us off following a path lined with brightly colored paper lanterns weaving through the stunning Wayside Guesthouse gardens of exotic flowers, trees and bamboo. We joined together to share our yoga practice under a draped tent, hand sewn prayer flags strewn along the walls, and filled with flowers and beautiful yogi’s. An invigorating morning session, followed by a most delicious vegetarian Glory Bowl lunch served in the cutest Chinese take out boxes, stopping for a bit of fun to raffle off amazing prizes of a luxury weekend safari, yoga starter kits, and yes we even had a wheelbarrow filled with beer that was a big hit! and much more. We ended our day with a gentle therapeutic afternoon practice, a guided meditation and feeling grateful for our time together and all that we have.

Thank you Yogi’s of Lusaka! Till’ we meet again.

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